A Guide to Inserting Your Little Sunlight Silver Hoop Earrings

How to Insert Your Little Sunlight Silver Hoop Earrings

These little hoops are delicate! We recommend allowing yourself plenty of time when you put them in your piercings.

Getting Started: Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Due to their small size, working with such tiny hoop earrings can be a little bit of a challenge. But getting these little earrings in your piercings is possible and once they are in they stay put! Most of our customers wear them day and night, 24/7.

We recommend inserting the hoop earrings when you aren't rushed. The hoops are delicate. Having plenty of time will allow you to work carefully with them. Inserting them carefully will help keep your ears happy.  

Preparation: Start Clean & Sanitized

To avoid the risk of any infections, start by washing your hands. Wash with warm water and gentle soap before you touch your piercing to avoid introducing bacteria to the area. 

If they have been worn or handled previously, clean and sanitize the hoop earrings. Start with a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush and mild detergent (avoid scented soaps). Then spray or dip the hoop earrings in 70% isopropyl alcohol. Let them air dry or use a clean towel/tissue to dry them off. 

Clean the piercing and skin around it with a clean cotton pad or swab dipped in a salt-water solution. You can make this solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Or use a commercial ear piercing cleaner. As you apply either cleaner, dab the piercing rather than wiping or pulling on it.

Opening Your Small Hoop Earrings

To open the hoops, gently push down on the hook side and pull up just slightly in the loop. 

Once they are open, twist them slightly side to side (instead of pulling the ends apart). This helps the hoop earring to maintain its round shape and not become deformed.

illustration showing how to open small hoop earrings. image shows the correct way  and the incorrect way

Inserting Your Small Hoop Earrings

Once they are open, you are now ready to insert your hoop earrings. Hold the earring so that the top of the hook points straight into the piercing hole. As the hook goes into the piercing, the skin around will follow the shape of the hoop earring. Gently guide the hoop through the piercing hole and out the other side.

Keep rotating the hoop earring through the piercing until both sides of the clasp are visible in the front of your lobe. Now you can see what you are doing when working with the clasp. To clasp the hoop earring, put the hook into the loop and you are done. If the clasp is properly secured, the hoop earrings will stay put in your piercings until you are ready to take them out. 

Inserting Your Hoop Earrings: Helpful Tips and Tricks

If you are having a hard time moving the hook back into the loop, you may want to try using a pair of tweezers or small pliers (with smooth jaws) to gently grab the hook and put it in the loop. 

Have Someone Help You

Sometimes, it can be awkward trying to look at your reflection in the mirror and to make your own fingers do the opposite of what you see. It is much easier for another person to do it, as they don't have to look in a mirror and think backward.

If you are having a hard time, get someone else to help you insert your hoop earrings (be sure to have them wash their hands first).

Video Demonstration: Hoop Earring Insertion and Removal

Emily created this helpful but short video that demonstrates how to:

  • Open your hoops
  • Put in your hoops
  • Clasp your hoops 
  • Take your hoops back out

Do you have any other helpful tips? Please share them with us in the comments below! 

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