Hoop Earring Size Guide - Measuring Your Ears For the Perfect Fit

small Hoop earring sizes on ear of a girl model. there are 3 hoop earrings  in the earlobe and one cartilage hoop earring

Ultimate Hoop Earring Size Guide

Unveil the secret to perfect hoop earring fit with our ultimate sizing guide! Learn how to measure your ears for the perfect look and explore different hoop sizes to find your signature style. Elevate your look with confidence now!

Ears Come in all Shapes & Sizes

Notice the differences among the ears pictured above? They are all different in size and shape. Some earlobes are small and thin, while others are large and fleshy. Some lobes are attached and others are unattached. Some piercings are placed high on the earlobe and others are placed lower. Sometimes a person ends up with a high piercing on one ear and a low piercing on the other ear. If you discover this in your ears - don't be dismayed! We are happy to make you a custom pair of hoop earrings that will look great on your ears. 

Every Ear & Piercing is Unique

Like snowflakes, every ear and piercing is different and totally unique. Each size of hoop earring will look and fit differently for everyone

Hoop earring fit is based on genetics (size and shape of the earlobe) and has nothing to do with age.

Side view of female model
Side view of female model

Notice the differences between Nikki and Amanda's ear lobes, in the photos above. Although both models are approximately the same age (adult females in their early 20's), their earlobes are very different. This is all due to genetics, and not age differences. Both Nikki and Amanda are wearing the same size of hoop earrings: 24 gauge and 10mm. The hoop earrings fit differently based on the size and shape of each ear.

How do I Know What Size of Hoop Earring Works For Me?

Start by taking a close look at your ears and piercings.

You've probably never spent time studying earlobes before, but taking a few minutes to evaluate your own ears (or the person you are buying earrings for) will help ensure you order the right size for a perfect fit.

  • Evaluate your earlobe size. Are they small and thin, medium-sized, or large and fleshy?
  • How high are the piercings? Is there a big distance between the piercing and the edge of your ear?
  • Where do you want the edge of the hoop earring to sit? Do you want it to sit close and snug - hugging your ear, or would you like some space between the ear and the hoop earring?

Hoop Earring Size Guide: Take a Measurement of Your Ear

The best way to know what size is best for you is to take a measurement of your piercing.

close up picture of a ruler measuring the height of an ear piercing
close up picture of a ruler demonstrating how to measure the height of an ear piercing

Find a ruler - preferably with millimeter markings (inches will work as well, but millimeters are more precise). Hold the ruler up to your ear and measure the distance between the piercing and the edge of the ear. Think about where you want the other edge of the hoop to rest. Do you want it to touch your ear or to have a little space in between? This will be your inside opening measurement. Measure both ears or all the piercings you want to wear hoop earrings in.  

You'll want to add 1-2 millimeters for the hoop itself to your measurement (our measurements are outer diameter - the measurement includes the hoop, not just the inside opening).

Diagram showing how to measure ear lobe for proper hoop earrings size. A ruler is held up to the ear to measure the distance between the piercing and the  bottom of the ear lobe

What Sizes do the Hoop Earrings Come In?

We regularly stock hoop earrings in the following sizes: 

  • 8mm or 1/4 inch (inside opening is 6.5-7mm)*
  • 10mm or 3/8 inch (inside opening is 8.5-9mm)
  • 12mm or 1/2 inch (inside opening is 10-11mm)

Important Things to Remember:

  • Our measurements are outer diameter - a side-to-side measurement from the outside edge to the outside edge of the hoop earring. The measurement includes the hoop, not just the inside opening.
  • Our *8mm hoop earrings do not fit everyone. They only fit on small and thin earlobes or 2nd/3rd piercings. When in doubt go with 10mm rather than 8mm.  

What is Hoop Earring Gauge?

A wire gauge is the measurement system used to determine the thickness of a wire. It's commonly used in various industries including electrical wiring, jewelry making, and metalworking. The gauge number represents the thickness of the wire, with smaller gauge numbers indicating thicker wires and larger gauge numbers indicating thinner wires.

small Hoop earring sizes on close up picture of the ear of a girl model. There is one small hoop earring in the models ear showing the size and 22 gauge.
Slightly thicker 22 gauge
small Hoop earring sizes on close up picture of the ear of a girl model. There is one small hoop earring in the models ear showing the size and 24 gauge.
Slightly thinner 24 gauge

Our small hoop earrings come in two gauges: 

  • 22 gauge is standard ear wire thickness 
  • 24 gauge is extra thin 


Smaller gauge number = thicker wire

Larger gauge number = thinner wire

Do You Make Hoop Earrings in Other Sizes and Gauges?

Yes, we make hoop earrings in larger sizes and thicker gauges. They range in size from 3/4 inches to 2 inches (20mm to 50mm) in diameter. They are available in thicker 20 or 19-gauge wire thicknesses. See all of our hoop earrings here

Upon request, we do make the same style of hoop earrings in thicker gauges and other sizes. Send us a message if you are interested in a custom pair. 

Side view of girls head. Girl is wearing 2 inch hoop earrings, a turquoise ring, and a brown cowboy hat.

Video: Hoop Sizes, Gauges and Ear Measurement Demonstration

Emily created this short 2-minute video that demonstrates how to measure your piercings. This helpful video shows:

  • The 3 different hoop diameters
  • The 2 different hoop gauges
  • How to measure your piercing to determine which is the right size for you.

We hope that our Hoop Earring Size Guide has been helpful! 

Evaluating and measuring your ears will help ensure you order the right size of hoop earrings for a perfect fit! 

Remember that every ear and piercing is different. Not all of our sizes will fit in every ear.

Want something different than our standard sizes? Send us a message. We are happy to make custom sizes.

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