Hoop Sizing - Measuring Your Ears to Know Which Hoop Size is Best For You

Hoop earring sizes on model
Every ear and piercing is different, so not every size of hoop will fit the same for everyone. The best way to know what size is best for you is to take a measurement of your piercing. 
Find a ruler - preferably with millimeter markings (inches will work as well, but millimeters are more precise). Hold the ruler up to your ear and measure the distance between the piercing and the edge of ear. Decide where you want the other edge of the hoop to rest. Do you want it to touch your ear or to have a little space in-between? This will be your inside opening measurement. 
Our standard sizes for the small hoop earrings are: 
  • 8mm or 1/4 inch (inside opening is 6.5-7mm)
  • 10mm or 3/8 inch (inside opening is 8.5-9mm)
  • 12mm or 1/2 inch (inside opening is 10-11mm)
You'll want to add 1-2 millimeters for the hoop itself to your measurement (our measurements are outer diameter - includes the hoop, not just the inside opening).

Emily created this short 2 minute video that demonstrates how to measure your piercings. This helpful video shows:

  • The 3 different hoop diameters
  • The 2 different hoop  gauges
  • How to measure your piercing to determine which is the right size for you


Remember that every ear and piercing is different. Not all of our sizes will fit in every ear. Want something different than our standard sizes? Send us a message. We are happy to make custom sizes. 

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    • Coleen

      This is exactly the kind of information I have needed! I could never tell what size looked best AND was comfortable AND I would just be happy with! Thank you!

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